Thankyou so much to all of our customers.

The pleasure has been all ours.

Lisa Byrne - January 24th, 2019


Cannot recommend Lauren enough. She is 100% for the horse and rider, so there's no upselling if it's not needed, which is something I was anxious about. The fitting is very thorough and completely honest. If you do need a new saddle Lauren will bring some others that may suit along. Thankfully the saddle I had fit him well, so we didn't need to get a new one. Will definitely be getting Lauren out again in the future.

Jessica Sinnott - January 20th, 2019


I would highly recommend Lauren, fantastic service both for selling and buying saddles. Very thorough with the whole fitting. I would definitely use Lauren again for her help. Thank you Lauren

Susan Mahoney - January 12th, 2019


Lauren came to assess my daughter's pony for a saddle on Tuesday last I am delighted I got her down and would highly recommend Lauren when getting a saddle she certainly knows her stuff and didn't rush us was so nice and helpful she narrowed it down to 3 saddles my daughter rode in 2 of them and the 2nd one was just perfect she gave a 3 day trial to make sure the saddle suited and it did we have a happy pony and a happy daughter will definitely be using Lauren in the future.

Eithne O'Connell - December 21st, 2018


Had Lauren pop back today to fine tune my requirements. Without going into detail, her service goes beyond the call of duty. Five star recommendation for Lauren and her team.

Gillian Hennessey - December 10th, 2018


I had Lauren come to me to fit my horse with a saddle. She was so professional and very knowledgeable. I can highly recommend Lauren for saddle fitting and it's not all about the sale either, it was what was best for my horse and that was simply twicking the saddle I had. Thank you so much.

Jenna Wade - December 2nd, 2018


Professional, knowledgeable & lovely person. Lauren helped me with saddles for a 25 year old 148 pony & 4 year old cob - am delighted with the result & how she tailored the session to focus on two very different horses. Learned a lot myself. Highly recommend Lauren’s Saddles 5*****

Jacqueline Feely - December 1st, 2018


I highly recommend getting Lauren out to do an assessment and to find the right saddle for your horse. She spends the time to thoroughly measure the horse and then has a good range of saddles to try on the horse to find the right fit. After narrowing it down to a few, what I found really priceless was being able to ride in the different saddles, seeing what the horse's opinion was and to feel the difference in how the horse moved.. being able to put on one saddle after another and ride in them allowed me to feel subtle differences that I wouldn't have identified without being able to ride in them consecutively. At the same time Lauren is assessing from the ground to see if the saddle is sitting securely, how the horse is moving, and whether the saddle is fitting the rider, and she has a depth of knowledge and experience of what is going to work. I've just ridden in the saddle she chose for me, and I have a different horse! (lots of happy horsey snorts) makes me wonder how many training issues are actually saddle issues. Wish I'd had her out to do the assessment years ago and I will definitely use her again.

Eithne O'Connell - November 27th, 2018


Highly recommend Lauren Coxhead's countrywide service: reliable, knowledgeable and really helpful. If you're thinking of changing your saddle-give her a call.

Ana Camara - November 16th, 2018


Dear Lauren thank you for your visit this afternoon it was such a pleasure to watch your thorough work and to have you tell Elena about saddle fitting. Leia was particularly interested in your notebook! Looking forward to see you again!

Louise Begley - November 4th, 2018


Fantastic service... Recently had Lauren out to fit my 5 yr old ever growing ID & I'm so happy with the advice & service. My new saddle is fab & fits her so well. Thanks Lauren

Christa Dillion - August 6th, 2018


Fabulous service, I couldn’t recommend more highly.

Heike Holstein Irish Olympic Dressage Rider - July 30th, 2018


A HUGE “Thank you” to Lauren Coxhead of Lauren’s Saddles! 
I've been quietly working with Lauren for sometime on both my saddles and bridles and the improvements have been fantastic. Not only has she adjusted and fitted my Saddles, she had one specifically made for us by Bates in Australia!!
And now I've been introduced to Fairfax bridles, supplied and fitted by Lauren, and the results speak for themselves! Sambuca ❤️’s them! 
Lauren is a real pleasure to work with!

Anita Craven - July 30th, 2018


The lovely dressage saddle you helped us with - definitely helping both of us feel confident & comfortable! Highly recommend your experience & service

Shannon O'Mahony - July 12th, 2018


Just spent the most Fabulous Evening with Lauren Coxhead from Lauren's Saddles. What a lovely knowledgeable lady! I have learnt so much about saddle fit & a horses way of going. Firstly I got the super news that my own jump saddle fits Guinness very well so no need to change that & After lots of trials with different saddles to suit both horse & rider, we settled on a lovely Bates Dressage Saddle (Dressage Saddle Virgin) Super Happy with the service I received & Super Confident to recommend Lauren to anyone looking to purchase a new saddle or even just to check the fit and/or make adjustments to the fit of their current saddle!

Valerie Murphy - June 17th, 2018


Great service!! Lauren is a lovely lady, she is helpful and knowledgeable and provides a very thorough assessment and service. Lauren tries to provide the best option for you and your horse and offers great advice and support , it's not all about a sale with her it's about what's best for the horse and rider which I really liked, and I will definitely be using her service again and I would definitely recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Lauren for all your help and I look forward to seeing you again in the future

Audi Murray - June 10th, 2018


We bought our current saddle from Lauren!! Can only speak the highest of her. Fantastic experience seeing her at work!

Tara Roche - June 3rd, 2018


I’d highly recommend you to anyone. Thank you so much for assessing Tonto & fitting him perfectly with a gorgeous well fitting saddle.

Karyn Murray - April 29th, 2018


How refreshing it was to deal with an honest caring professional whose only concern was fitting the right saddle for both pony and rider. There was no pressure and we kept going until we found the right one. Lauren was an absolute pleasure to deal with and sorted us with a beautiful and secure pony saddle. Will certainly be dealing with Lauren in the future.

Lorraine Russell - April 14th, 2018


Such a nice lady! Very professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I learned so much from her fitting. She did a little wiggling with my own saddle and with her advice I’ve decided to lay off purchasing one this year based on my use for this year, the fit of my own and the age of my lady. I was amazed by how a few adjustments made such a difference. Thank you so much Lauren I would highly recommend you to anybody looking for a new, second hand saddle or they might be surprised and their own may fit. For honesty knowledge and choice you’d be hard pressed to find better than Lauren’s saddles!

Riona Ni Bhrangain - November 9th, 2017


If you are considering buying a saddle I highly recommend Lauren. We had a saddle fitting today with Lauren and it was a learning experience for us watching and listening to Lauren as she explained the various steps involved in finding the right saddle for your pony/horse. We are delighted with the lovely saddle we bought today. We will definitely buy our next saddle from Lauren’s Saddles.

Penny Miles Monahan - October 30th, 2017


I would highly recommend Lauren. Very professional and knowledgeable, yet easy to deal with. She explained everything she was doing during the session and did not rush us into buying. I will be definitely be using her services again in the future.

Aisling Harding - September 29th, 2017


Cannot recommend Lauren highly enough, she is so helpful, friendly, professional and has a lovely way of handling horses.She fitted my daughter and her pony with a beautiful Walsall saddle. It was amazing to see the difference in the pony (and child) with a properly fitted saddle, both immediately relaxed and the pony has been going so much better ever since. There is no sales talk and no pressure to buy, the 3 day trial is perfect. Will definitely be using Lauren's service again.

Nickie Slater - September 16th, 2017


I really don't know where to start ....professional, friendly, knowledgeable, genuine. The whole process was extremely easy and so enjoyable. I am absolutely delighted that I made contact with Lauren, as a result I am 100% confident with the fit of my saddles, and knowing I have someone to rely on in the future. ....and a mention to Andrew who clearly holds the fort when Lauren is busy fitting saddles

Aoife McDonald - August 25th, 2017


The most hassle free sale of a saddle! I was dreading dealing with hagglers and time wasters. Lauren made it so painless and simple. Highly recommended

Claire Bradshaw - August 2nd, 2017


I was so very happy with Lauren. She worked within my budget and time frame to check the saddle fit on my mare. She has all the knowledge she needs to actually fit saddles - not just sell them! She is caring, has a lovely manner and doesn't rush. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and won't be using anyone else. And - now my saddle fits my horse as well as me - win win!! Thanks Lauren!

 Jodie Clarke Chapman - JULY 10th, 2017


Very easy person to talk to and extremely professional at the same time, Lauren sorted me out with a gorgeous showjumping saddle that fit my horses perfectly but also gave the option of sending the saddle back within three days if not suited to my needs! Very reliable lady and thanks to her hubby also who was replying to comments when Lauren wasn't available!! 

Tara Cassidy  - JUNE 13th, 2017


Had Lauren out today. Cannot recommend her enough. A lovely way around my mare. All questions welcomed and felt I had gained some knowledge in an area that I felt out of my depth in. Great selection of saddles to choose from and the time and effort taken finding the right fit is brilliant. My mare felt immediately calmer when I was in the saddle which is such a bonus. Got a beautiful Kent & Masters saddle and the wait for an appointment was definitely worth it. Super happy

Joanne O'shea  - MAY 6th, 2017


Brilliant!! Extremely knowledgeable and methodical, thorough and took her time, no rushing! Showed me the ways the ensure a good saddle fit for the future, which is great. A lovely woman. Couldn't recommend Lauren highly enough.

Kathy Doyle  - April 26th, 2017


Lovely person, great detailed session and a pleasure to deal with.

Colette Conroy‎  - April 1st, 2017


Thanks Lauren for finding lady the extraordinary flat backed pony a saddle absolutely delighted

Fiona S Scott - April 12th, 2017


Unbelievably happy with the saddle I bought from Lauren. Totally professional and knowledgeable but very approachable Lauren does her utmost best to find the right saddle for you and with the no obligation trials given you can be sure you're happy before you purchase.

Julie Lennon - March 9th, 2017


Mia felt absolutely incredible today in her new saddle. She's so much happier. Rode her off the buckle in her Bitless, so relaxed and finally free in her shoulders! It felt so amazing to let go and allow her to step out all she liked! Once she realised what we were up to, she thought it was the best thing ever. She feels like her complete self again. Thank you so much Lauren Coxhead for being so kind and caring, and making it all about her comfort.

Phillippa Christie - January 25, 2017


Lauren is extremely knowledgeable and I was very impressed with the saddle fitting and how she showed me to understand and check my saddle. I have peace of mind knowing my pony will have the freest movement and flexibility without worrying about pressure. Will definitely work with again in the future. Thanks Lauren!

Ann-Marie O'Neill - November 11, 2016

Thank you so much Lauren, I'm absolutely delighted with the saddle I bought from you, exactly as described and really great value for money. Such knowledgeable and friendly service isn't always easy to find! Highly recommended!

Cecilia O'Mullane - October 27, 2016


Excellent service. Lauren was very professional and helpful. I spent months messing around with other saddlers and trying to find a particular saddle but on a small budget. Lauren found the perfect saddle within a week and it arrived in the post a day after we agreed everything over the phone. I will definitely use her services in the future. Thanks very much Lauren.

Kelly Spillane - August 15, 2016

Second to none. I woudn't go anywhere else for a saddle. Lauren genuinely wants to find you the perfect match rather than just selling you a saddle. I tried 3 before she got the perfect one. Lauren takes the guesswork out of buying , lets face it, a big and important item. She is extremely experienced and patient. A truely professional service and excellent quality saddles.

Julie Ann Kelly - July 31, 2016


Thank You Lauren, it was a pleasure talking to you & getting your expertise. Fantastic Service for anyone looking for a saddle especially a hard to fit horse. Great Quality Saddles

Lara Costello - July 24, 2016


Really great no risk buying from Lauren, bought a fabulous dressage saddle for my hard to fit mare, had a good trial so we were absolutely sure it fitted and bought it at a very competitive price - Fully Recommend

Alan Murphy - July 16, 2016


Lauren went out of her way to help me sort myself and my hunter with a saddle. Her holistic approach to correct fitting is a breath of fresh air - she will only settle for the best fit for horse and rider, even if this means not getting a sale. Her saddles are correct and high quality and value for money. A very honest and kind person - very glad to have her as a contact. 
100% recommended

Sarah Jane White - August 15, 2016



Great service! Lauren is so helpful and 3 day trial is great and straight forward. Saddle I bought off her was lovley and at a great price. Would definantly recommend



Want to say a huge thanks to Lauren Coxhead for a fantastic saddle service. I had asked her to keep an eye out for a specific saddle and she found the perfect one. It is in prestine condition, Lauren came and did a personal fitting on the pony. Highly recommend her service and saddles. Thanks so very much

Michael Larkin


Hi Lauren, The Albion arrived today. A beautiful saddle as always. Fits perfect. It has a good home for life. Thanks again Lauren a real pleasure dealing with people like yourself.

Brendan Lawlor



Bought a beautiful saddle off Lauren (Lauren's Saddles) last week and it was exactly as she said it would be (a rare enough occurrence these days) and she was then kind enough to allow me to take it home and try it for size on the pony, now that's what I call service. I then got a lovely text today (even though she's on hols) checking that the saddle was ok, how nice is that. What a brilliant service.




Thankyou so much for the lovely saddle and great service. I will highly recommend you.


Jack Spain

Limerick Ireland


Great service and amazing quality saddles for great prices purchased a saddle from Lauren and she was very helpful all throughout the process! great person to deal with will definitely be back again.


Monica Devir

Donegal Ireland


I've recently purchased a saddle from Lauren saddles and I can only praise the service , quality, and personal touch that I have received, Lauren's knowledge and expertise on saddles is just fantastic and she will surely get you the saddle you want and need immediately. Thank you once again Lauren for making my Christmas come early.


John Farrelly

Co. Meath Ireland


Would highly recommend laurenssaddles recently purchased a saddle for my ex racer which fitted perfectly and was delivered in a day off contacting Lauren.  Found Lauren's service very friendly and able to source a saddle to suit my needs.

Joe weston

Co. Meath Ireland


I bought a saddle from Lauren last week after a trial and i must say that the whole process was very easy and the saddle was exactly what i was looking for. Lauren responded to my calls and emails so quickly i was shocked. I will definitely be back for another saddle when my next horse arrives.

Ailish Magee - February 8th, 2019


Lauren came out to fit my mare for a saddle and while she could easily have sold me a new saddle she said I only needed a pro lite pad with my own saddle. Took plenty of time to examine and ensure correct fit, very knowledgeable and professional. 
I would highly recommended Lauren to anyone who is looking to buy a saddle.

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