This is the only saddle in our saddle range that we are prepared to sell without consultation. This is due to the nature of the saddle being specifically designed to spread the load on ponies through wide bearing adjustable panels and the intended use by lightweight young first time riders - Of course if you wish Lauren to visit to make sure or offer other solutions, please do feel free to contact us.


Let their passion for horses develop in a saddle designed especially for your very young rider. The Wintec Kids provides your young rider with a comfortable, secure and supportive seat, and an in-built safety handle ensuring they can confidently develop good riding habits from their very first day of riding. You will enjoy owning this easy-care, weather-proof saddle knowing it can handle mud, mischief and anything else your young rider can throw at it – we’ve built it tough so they can play rough! For added stability on their horse or pony, you can simply alter the position of the moveable foam panels underneath the Wintec Kids. 


Available in Black only and one size fits all!