Fairfax Bridles are not standard of the shelf bridles - Fairfax bridles must be professionally fitted to acheive maximum performance and a knowledgeable fitter must be engaged to assess the application of the various components. Lauren's Saddles is the only authorised outfitter of Fairfax Performance Bridles in Ireland and holds a full library of Fairfax bridles and components.


Snaffle bridle headpiece with the Fairfax Drop noseband.

Fairfax bridle components are interchanageable throught the Fairfax bridle range, making these bridles exceptionally good for horses with specific needs as well as accomodating horses who require a comfortable well fitting bridle.

Developed, designed and handmade in the UK.

The first bridle to be based on scientific research and proven to:

  • Reduce pressure by up to 84%
  • Reduce force by up to 77%
  • Allows greater forelimb extension
  • Increases knee & hock flexion
  • Carefully thought-out features reduce pressure in six key zones
  • Articulation rings on the noseband improve stability on the horse’s head, allowing it to move with the horse, without causing restriction
  • Improved bridle stability enhances the horse’s comfort
  • Symmetrical design with buckles both sides
  • Browband and noseband are interchangeable with others from the Fairfax range
  • Approved for use in FEI competitions including all three eventing phases


The Performance Bridle is the only bridle to have been designed and developed using pressure mapping (by Pliance) and gait analysis (by Centuar Biomechanics).

The testing and research into different bridle designs identified six key areas of peak pressure, common to most bridles. Further scientific study proves that the reduction in bridle pressure afforded by the Fairfax Performance Bridle significantly improves range of movement, extension and flexion in competition horses.

In addition to reducing pressure, the Fairfax Performance Bridle enhances the horse’s comfort by improving stability.

The double headpiece can also be used as a snaffle.

These bridles are made using first selection Sedgwick’s bridle leather and are fully lined with Prolite® which is proven to disperse pressure.

These bridles have 2 choices of Plain browband or with 21 choices of Swarovski decoration browband.

Fairfax Performance bridles are available in Black and Brown, Fine, Standard and Large.

FAIRFAX SNAFFLE DROP BRIDLE €720 - €870 inc Full Consultation