We have found this leather cream to have superior qualities, it really is very good. This is the recommended conditioning cream for the leather used in Thorowgood, kent and Masters and Fairfax range's of saddles and tack, although it will work on all leathers associated with riding equipment!

Caring for your leather is an important factor in extending its life! The intensive use of leather can weaken or damage the collagen in the leather or even cause irreparable cracks. Regular maintenance can prevent this and keep your leather functional, supple and in good condition. Regular cleaning and/or feeding the leather protects it from external influences. For optimal care, it is important to first clean the leather thoroughly, starting with a soft cloth or brush to remove the dirt and sweat before proceeding with maintenance. It is important not to use too much water and not to treat wet leather. Leather is best stored at room temperature but not near the central heating to prevent it from drying out. Rapide’s quality products offer your leather optimal care and help promote a long life!