NOTE* As with all of our new saddles this range is only sold through our Nationwide Master Saddle Fitting Service - Correct fit is paramount!

NOTE* The library models are base line examples of trees, patterns, materials and disciplines from which Lauren and yourself can assess the suitability and sizing of saddles from the entire range!


The Icon Alfa is a close contact mono flap saddle.
The designs of our mono flap models are all unique, providing an ultimate feeling of close contact.


  • Supplied in soft flexible buffalo leather. It is also possible to use other types of leather
  • Mono flap model with deep seat offers the ultimate feeling of close contact
  • Narrow twist immediately puts the rider in the right position
  • Knee rolls on the outside of the flap support the leg in the right place and ensure comfort, control and a perfect balance
  • 100% Natural sheep wool in the panels


  • Black, Brown Or Custom Colour, Welt and Stitching Varients
  • Seat Size: 17"/ 17.5"/ 18"/ 18.5"
  • Flap Size: Petite 15"/ Standard 16"/ Long 17"/ Extra Long 17.5"
  • Buffalo and Vienna Option
  • Knee Roll: R1/ R2/ SR Canted/ LR/ ICON SRNP/ ICON NRNP