*NOTE - Available for order only! There is the potential for a 12 week waiting period for these leathers in the LUXE LEATHER option - This is due to Bates hand selecting the finest calf leathers for your straps!

What Lauren Say's - These stirrup leathers, really are special. The calf leather is as good as it gets! There is no buckle and less Leather in the length of the strap compared to traditional straps therefore reducing weight and bulk, These straps also have a webbing core which elliminates stretching. A fantastic premium strap! Highly recommended!

What the Manufacturer says - Bates Leather Webbers are revolutionary stirrup straps made without buckles to reduce the lump under your thigh and provide closer contact to your horse. The single thickness under the leg removes excess bulk and interference, facilitating the accurate delivery of leg aids. Made in luxurious leather to match your Bates Saddle, with a webbing core to ensure they will not stretch and cause unevenness.