Independent Master Saddle Fitting Consultant.

Lauren is a highly qualified Master Saddle Fitter that is held in very high regard. See the testament to Lauren's Saddles services.


She has worked with some of the best saddle fitters in the world and continues to develop her professional standing and service at the very highest level.

Lauren is qualified in saddle fitting through the MSFC and also holds the highest level of qualification possible through the The Society of Master Saddlers SMS. Only a tiny handful of saddle fitters have attained this level of achievement globally.

Lauren's services are Nationwide, she will come to you!

Lauren will happily advise and work with you, your vet and chiropractor on both a standard and remedial level to achieve the best possible results.

The Consultation

Your consultation will be at least 

2 Hours in duration and as a minimum the following will be undertaken -

  • Lauren will take a detailed history of your horse.

  • She will take the riders history in relevance to saddle fitting.

  • Your horse will receive a specific back examination.

  • Your horse will be evaluated at walk and trot.

  • Your existing saddle will receive a 9 point check and it's soundness or suitability will be advised upon. OR together she will detail a new/custom made saddle.

  • Detailed measurements and templates will be taken of your horse's back for now and for future reference.

  • She will fit your own saddle or a new or secondhand saddle. This assessment will be both ridden and un-ridden.

  • You will then be advised on the ongoing fit of your saddle.


€120 - Per Horse - Weekdays

Weekends - By Special Arrangement

Yard and multiple horse concessions upon request!

Travelling to your area soon!

Pre-Booking essential!

Price includes VAT & Expenses



Priced as per your requirement
  • On Site Spot Flocking

  • Saddle Re-Balancing

  • On Site and Off Site Re-stitching

  • Girth Strap Replacement

  • On Site Saddle Valuations & Checks

  • Total Saddle Reflock's

  • Group and Club Talk's or Lecture's

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