The highest qualified Independent Master Saddle Fitting Consultant in Ireland.

Lauren works alongside the best saddle fitters in the world, her professional standing and reputation is maintained at the very highest levels and is unquestionably the most highly regarded saddle specialist in Ireland.

Lauren's accolades are well deserved, she is qualified through SMS QSF MSFC and is only one of a tiny handful of professionals to have attained this level worldwide.

Outstanding results and service have seen Lauren's Saddles and it's associated services become the No. 1 resource in Ireland and is used by everybody including Elite Level riders.

Lauren is famed for her honesty and dedication!

If you think you have maximised your saddle and never used Lauren's services then think again.


The real question is 'Why wouldn't you become a client?' - The only feasible answer is that you would be happy to settle for second best or worse!

When Lauren tends to your horse and your saddle needs it is done with the understanding that there are no half measures or quick sales, there are no compromises or justification for treating her clients with contempt.

This is what sets Lauren's Saddles apart from the rest!

You will be educated during the consultation - You will be given the very best advice on how to proceed - And you can expect the best after care possible.

Lauren's Saddles is proven!



087 366 56 50


Your consultation will be at least 

2 Hours in duration and as a minimum the following will be undertaken -

  • Lauren will take a detailed history of your horse.

  • She will take the rider history in relevance to saddle fitting.

  • You will be educated on every step of the consultation process, Lauren aims for you yourself to have a understanding of saddle fit.

  • Your horse will receive a specific back examination.

  • Your horse will be evaluated for conformation at walk and trot.​

  • Detailed measurements and templates will be taken of your horse's back for present and for future reference.

  • Saddles will be offered to the horse and rider and will be assessed and adjusted where necessary.

  • There will be a ridden assessment of the relevant options​.

  • Once the best option has been found, you will be able to use the saddle for a given period of days to make sure it is perfect.​

  • You will be advised and given written instructions on how to proceed until your first saddle check.


Saddle Fitting €180 - Per Horse

Bridle fitting €120 - Per Horse


Single owner multiple horse concessions upon request!

Tuesday's and Thursday's Only!

Due to huge demand Pre-Booking is essential!

Price includes VAT & All Expenses

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