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Sublime comfort - Affordable Full leather saddles

Kent & Masters saddles are very well made and are hugely popular with Ireland's riders - These saddles in both the S-Series and the Original models are very sought after by riders looking for comfort and fitability.

We find that these saddles are never overlooked by the riding club riders simply because they are affordable high quality saddles that work! It's as simple as that!

K&M saddles are particularly suited to horses and riders going into and out of riding seasons, being adjustable these saddle are perfect for the muscling up and down of seasonal horses - They also work to great effect in remedial situations where a sympathetic approach and careful conditioning is required!

As with any saddle your K&M must be fitted correctly.

Saddle's Ireland holds the most comprehensive demonstration panel of K&M saddles in Ireland.

Rely on our unparalleled service to get your K&M saddle fitted perfectly!

As with all of our saddles the K&M range is only sold through our Master Saddle Fitting Consultations. 

Correct fit and service is paramount over all else!

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