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Fairfax saddles will take your riding to the next level and are now accessible to Ireland's riders thanks to Lauren's Saddles nationwide Service.

FAIRFAX SADDLES - Have been developed using the leading edge in equine technology - Centaur Biomechanics have been used along with pliancy testing to monitor and develop these remarkable saddle - The differences these saddle can make to you horse and your riding are well defined in style, posture and gains in jumping and stride - We are seeing massive gains in gait and freedom in our clients dressage horses.

As with any high quality piece of equipment your Fairfax saddle is an investment and an essential part of your riding progression!

Fairfax saddles must be fitted correctly to achieve maximum results.

Saddle's Ireland is the only authorised consultant in Ireland trusted by Fairfax to fit Fairfax saddles. We hold a very comprehensive library of Fairfax saddles.

Rely on our unparalleled service to do get it right first time!

As with all of our saddles the Fairfax range is only sold through our Master Saddle Fitting Consultations. 

Correct fit and service is paramount over all else!

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