Custom Saddlery Saddles


Custom saddles presence in the dressage ring is steadfast.

Custom saddles roots are in the dressage arenas of the U.S.A where they have dominated. Since then they have been become synonymous with success in Holland, the U.K. Australia, N. Europe and now Ireland.

Saddle's Ireland's very own Heike Holstien the Olympic Dressage rider has chosen Custom saddles along with 102 other Elite level riders from around the world.

The Custom- Wolfgang - Icon & Signature saddles are all produced under the Custom Saddlery Brand in Walsall U.K.

Custom saddlery Brand saddles are very customisable and where possible blocks, stitching, leathers, flaps, cantles webbing, trees, piping, seats and welt can all be adjusted and customised to suit - See our customers saddles in the gallery at the bottom of the page to see just how customisable these saddles are!

As with all of our saddles to achieve perfect results we carry a full demonstration library and only customise, fit and sell these saddles through consultation, for more details see all about our

Nationwide Master Saddle Fitting Service.