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Lauren's Saddles

Welcome to our new saddles and Fairfax Bridle section.

Learn more about our true Master Saddle fitting consultations and why they are imperative to the success and ongoing progression of you and your horse.

Our consultations aim to see huge gains in comfort, horse freedom and rider position at a minimum.

Prepare to explore our new & used saddles - All of our new saddles are fitted to the highest standards possible - We fit saddles by Aviar, Custom, Wolfgang, Icon, Signature, Fairfax, Bates, Kent & Masters, Ideal, Arena, Thorowgood and Wintec.

Fairfax bridles are leagues ahead.

The R&D is second too none and the design is purely exquisite.

We are the only authorised outfitters of Fairfax bridles in Ireland.

Settle for nothing but the best!

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